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The crowd stood shoulder to shoulder, all facing the looming skyscraper to the north.Then 40 stacked projectors on top of a nearby building switched on, and the Empire State Building became the world’s largest tombstone.

And effects from climate change have led to the habitat loss of threatened species across the globe. I'm hoping with this film and this event, we can raise awareness and start a movement." He told me that we’ve entered into the next major extinction event in Earth's history, and if we don't adjust our way of living, we may lose half of the planet's species by the end of the century.

I spoke with Psihoyos about this massive undertaking and what encouraged him to do it. "If you look back at the human experience, from 2100 back to the coal era, World War II will be a footnote in comparison to what we're causing in the decimation of biodiversity." Saturday's show, titled "Projecting Change: The Empire State Building," served as the climax to the film's efforts.

They were happy to raise awareness for the protection of these creatures, but sad that it was necessary in the first place.follows a team of activists on a mission to expose the two largest threats to biodiversity — the international wildlife trade and society's growing carbon footprint.

Rising carbon emissions have led to the acidification of Earth's oceans, causing the widespread deaths of many shelled sea creatures.

Intended as a docking station for air blimps, the idea was abandoned after a few failed attempts.

Today, the tower of glass, steel, and aluminum is used as the base of the TV tower.

The crowd cheered as snow leopards, manta rays, and elephants came into view.

Insects, sea creatures, mammals, and birds crawled, swam, and flew over the structure, as spectators "oohed" and "awed." At times, sounds of the rainforests also came through the speakers, transporting us from the Manhattan roof to the lush habitats these animals call home.

Not even the famous exterior of the Empire State Building was intentional.

New York City zoning law required that the building step back as it went up to allow some sunlight to reach the streets underneath the monstrous skyscrapers.


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