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making a living by having an occupation involving prognostication such as tarot card reading, because it is against the teaching of Dhamma (Saydaw, 2008).It is evident from right livelihood that Buddhism promotes a livelihood that is honest and honorable, and causes no harm to others.Wisdom consists of the two final factors: right thought and right understanding.

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destroying lives (ii) taking something that is not given, i.e. For example, if you engage in illegitimate sexual pleasures, you may cause suffering to other sentient beings; sex with a sentient being that is in a relationship will disrupt his or her relationship (Saydaw, 2008).

If you instead had stopped for a while and reflected over your choice of action, the misfortune could have been prevented.

For example, dealing with weapons and other deadly things is prohibited, depicting that Buddhism is against wars.

The above three mentioned factors – right speech, right action and right livelihood – of the Noble Eightfold path establish the second group; moral conduct, based on loving compassion.

All of these three factors of moral conduct contribute to harmony in life and in the society.

Furthermore, the moral conduct is of outmost importance for forming a basis for higher spiritual attainments because it makes the mental life steady and calm which in turn is important for meditation (P. In mental training, three additional factors of the Noble Eightfold path are included; right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration.An example of contemplating the body is to practice the concentration of breathing; to contemplate the feelings is to be aware of the feelings without attaching to them; to contemplate the mind is to be aware of the different states of the consciousness, i.e.for example whether the mind is exhibiting hate or not, without attaching to these states; and to contemplate the mental objects is to be aware of the five hindrances, the five aggregates of clinging, the six internal and external sense bases, the seven factors of enlightenment, and the Four Noble Truths.To be aware of the mental objects is to understand their nature; for instance, how they develop and how they are eliminated (Sutta, 2010).The four contemplations should be applied in daily life in order to prevent the mind from becoming attached to external objects rather than exhibiting awareness towards the four factors.When the arousing of attention is complete and you are able to focus with bare attention on the four contemplations without disturbances arising, you are ready to begin the practice of right concentration, which is the sharpening of the mind to reach a higher level of purification (Saydaw, 2008).Your fully concentrated mind with the support of right effort and right mindfulness will be able to eliminate defilements and also begin to see things as they really are, i.e. When mastering the mind you have laid the foundation for the cultivation of wisdom.Thus, the Noble Eightfold path is highly relevant even for non-believers of god and people who do not believe in rebirth.The purpose of this essay is to explain the Noble Eightfold path and how it leads to the blissful state.trying to increase gains by way of flattering, (iii) deception of others, i.e.earn something by way of trickery, and (iv) low worldly knowledge, i.e.


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