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Conditioned stimuli is one previsouly associated as unconditioned stimuli (or naturally occuring) which has been intentionally trained to a subject in order to associated the new stimuli with the old stimuli.

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Classical Conditioning is a type of learning where we associate two stimuli.

It is noted that his curiosity aspired when he noticed salivation ran on the tangent of putting food in a dogs mouth.

Even though a single human being can experience the effects from a dental drill sound, does not mean that a powered elect ...

Ivan Pavlov, a russian behaviorist, is known for his classic conditioning experiments.

This accidental discovery proves how individuals can easily become apprehensive to the dreading sound of a dentist's drill, but not to a simple electrical drill one might have at home.

Iran Pavlov's contribution also verifies how classical conditioning is not necessarily permanent, but yet individuals can respond to different stimuli as though they are alike.

Pavlov began to set up his experiment he first eliminated any unwanted and possible influences.

Pavlov and his They then began their trials by adding in a neutral stimulus(NS), in Pavlovs case, a bell which gave no response of salivation before the experiment. After numerous trials of ringing the bell just as they were feeding the dog, it came to ignore the bell for it showed no consequence, this is when the dog began orienting to the new stimulus marking the habituation of the organism.

Classical conditioning principles can be used in a number of ways including Pavlov argued that any combination of conditioned and/or unconditioned stimuli and responses can form learning in subjects as conditioning or reflexive action (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2009).

Unconditioned stimuli is naturally occuring stimulation; this form of stimuli is automatic and generated unintentionally.


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