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In any case, we should be tolerant towards the people of other ethnical group, and get the benefit of the multiculturalism, without any negative consequences.

The number of religions is quite huge nowadays, and the peculiarities of each religion may born conflicts and incomprehension among people in multicultural society.

People of different ethnical groups have different customs, traditions and habits, which can also become the reason of conflict. The fact that the child is being raised by parents with 2 different backgrounds can influence him negatively in some aspects.

It is connected with the differences, peculiar to every ethnical group.

The problem becomes even more serious, when it comes to the religion.

To start with, let’s find out, what multiculturalism really is.

It is a social phenomenon, according to which, a number of ethnic groups are living in a certain area or country.This social event can be seen from two different sides: positive and negative. The fact that the country is considered to be multicultural, gives an opportunity to think about it as about a unique one.People of different cultures are sharing their traditions and customs, which makes the country more interesting and prospering in the sphere of culture.In society when people from different backgrounds intertwine with each other’s culture shows the acceptance of each other’s culture and background.It is a society that works well; the people have roles and responsibilities they must fulfil.It is very important to help the child in this, and bring him up tolerable and adapted to the peculiarities of the family he lives in, as well as to the society.We should always remember that the phenomenon of multiculturalism can bring a lot of positive aspects, however, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of negative aspects of this social event.They are easy going and they have an opportunity to be more opened to the whole world, which surrounds them.On the other hand, there are still some disadvantages of multicultural society.Multiculturalism essay is a very interesting topic to write about.When writing essays on multiculturalism, it is necessary to consider quite a lot of different factors.


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