Essay About Effective Communication Skills

Communication is simply the sending of a message to another person.

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According to him, Communication forms one of the three primary elements of an organization, the common goals and willingness to serve customers beings the other two elements.

Communication links the number of the members of an organization with organization’s goal and facilitates and enhances cooperative action among the individual and department of the organization.

The reply from that individual is also received in a similar way, leading to huge delays.

Chester Barnard felt that communication played an important role in shaping organizations.

Some people would be fired immediately if they communicated in the workplace the way they do at home or among friends.

Understanding how to speak, write and manage your nonverbal messages is critical to your success at work.

As you will discover from a few surveys we will review, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, Human Resource Managers, and other business leaders rate communication skills highest among the skills needed to advance in the workplace.

Written by Peter Adebi, organization development expert, leadership coach, and human resource consultant, this seminar, Achieving Optimal Workplace Success through Effective Communication, is designed to help you acquire the skills you need to be an effective communicator.

Also, reflect upon all the people we communicate to: subordinates, peers, supervisors, customers, and groups of people.

In addition, ponder some of the reasons, why we communicate: to get and give information, to discipline subordinates, to make assignments, and so on.


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