Eras Letter Of Recommendation Cover Sheet 2013

Eras Letter Of Recommendation Cover Sheet 2013-74
Lo R(s) should be signed by the Lo R Author and include a date.

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Create your account by completing all of the fields and clicking the checkbox to confirm that you have reviewed and agree to the AAMC’s Privacy Statement and the Terms and Conditions. Identify the applicant that you will be uploading a new Lo R for on the Lo R Manager screen and click the upload icon located in the Upload Lo R column.

Follow the same steps used to upload the initial letter including:• Verify the ERAS Application Season, Applicant and Lo R Author details • Upload the Lo R and• Verify the Lo R Note: Programs will only be able to see the most recent version you have uploaded but you will see all versions you have uploaded.

It’s also a good idea to have a few generic Lo Rs as well that don’t specify which field you want to go into, especially if you are planning to apply to multiple specialties. Any later than that, then your attending may not remember how you performed, or even who you are.

I’d recommend requesting an Lo R a few days before your last day of the rotation, just in case the attending had some questions for you, or vice versa.

Not only would it reflect positively on your rotation evaluations, which eventually show up on your MSPE letter, but also it would make it much easier to ask your attending for a letter of recommendation (Lo R), which you will need when you apply for residencies.

Every attending you work with is a potential Lo R writer. Most residency programs that I applied to required 3 letters.If an attending doesn’t feel comfortable writing you a good one, they will most likely tell you.Do not ask any residents for the Lo R, even if you feel you’ve worked with them more.Different programs may have different requirements for the Lo Rs.A few programs say that the letters must have been written within the past one year of applying to residency.ERAS for Programs Information for Residency, International Medical School Graduates (IMG), and Fellowship applicants about using My ERAS including tutorials, Power Points, and other resources to get you through the application process.ERAS for Applicants The ERAS Letter of Recommendation Portal ( Lo RP) is a tool designed to provide added flexibility for Lo R Authors and reduce the scanning and uploading burden for medical schools.Lo RPCurrent and historical data related to ERAS applicants and applications including Specialty Specific Data, Cross Specialty Applicant Data, and quick reference Data Shots.During your third and fourth years of medical school, it is very important to establish good relationships with all the attending physicians you work with during your clinical rotations.As you move along through your rotations, I would recommend requesting Lo Rs whenever you deem appropriate. If you are not sure what you want to pursue, it’s important to request Lo Rs from attending physicians of all the specialties you are considering, as well as any “backup” specialties you may have in mind.If you decide to change your mind in terms of which specialty you want later on, you’ll at least have the specific Lo Rs in hand.


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