Effects Of Caffeine Research Paper

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This is according to the study conducted by Ulanovsky et al.

(2014) to determine the effects of caffeine on the HRV of newborns experiencing the condition of apnea prematurity a...

Although caffeine is known to affect the central nervous system or impede the body response mechanism, the effect of the substance on the autonomic nervous system is mild.

Therefore, proper administration of caffeine may not cause a change in heart rate or interfere with the patient’s blood pressure.

The only peer-reviewed journal providing scientific research on caffeine and adenosine signaling, encompassing the areas of neurology, cardiology, physiology, epidemiology, and addiction medicine.

View Aims & Scope welcomes original contributions on a broad range of human and animal studies including basic and translational research related to the advancing field of caffeine and adenosine signaling.Apart from increasing the heart rate variability, other pieces of evidence point to the fact that caffeine reduces the refractory period in the atrioventricular node, which may expose healthy individuals to a severe heart condition (Notara et al., 2015).Also, overconsumption of these substances may increase the parasympathetic processes of the nervous system or may, at some point, lower the sympathetic activities depending on the person’s response mechanisms.Despite the negative views presented by scientists, medical researchers and health professionals believe that caffeine can be used as an excellent prescription for the common complications in premature newborns such as apnea of prematurity (Notara et al., 2015).Similarly, the substance has been used to stabilize the heart rate of patients with cardiovascular disease with positive results (Ulanovsky et al., 2014).Caffeine exists in a wide range of food products and beverages and is considered by scientist to be a particular kind of drug that is consumed by individuals across the world either in its natural form or as a processed food product.From the scientific point of view, the effects of caffeine on the heart rate variability is autonomic to the nervous system and exerts its impact by activating the non-adrenergic nervous system in a way that results in sympathetic stimulation (Ulanovsky et al., 2014).During this preliminary assessment, the Editor may determine that the submission does not fall within the purview, aims, or scopes of the journal and may deny admittance to peer review.All manuscripts deemed suitable and appropriate to the journal are sent to two (2) independent expert reviewers to assess the scientific quality of the paper.THE EFFECTS OF CAFFEINE ON THE HEART RATE VARIABILITY By [Name] Course: Professor’s Name: Institution: City: Date: Abstract This article has successfully demonstrated that heart rate variability has grown to become a major risk factor for habitual users of caffeine, particularly for patients experiencing cardiovascular conditions like hypertension and post-myocardial infarction.Although small amounts of caffeine may not have an effect on the heart rate variability, overdependence and regular consumption of caffeine products may lead to an increase in arrhythmias or cause sudden death among patients suffering from type 1 diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.


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