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As a student who has valued the opportunity to receive a good education throughout my life and understands what a sacrifice it is financially for my family to send their children off to college to receive higher education, I made a pledge to myself at a young age to never take that for granted.

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In 2015, the most recent year for which there are U. Department of Transportation statistics, distracted driving crashes caused 3,500 fatalities and close to 400,000 injuries.

Teens are particularly at risk; they are four times more likely than older drivers to get into these accidents.

They are even ignoring the sanctity and dignity of their own lives. Aside from destroying lives, it destroys families, friendships, academic careers, and futures.

For those who have been impacted by the dangers of drunk driving, they have felt the acute pain of loss and know all too well just how far its sobering effect spreads.

While the majority of students are well aware of the consequences of drunk driving, many choose to ignore them.

Due to the nature of the party scene, especially in college, it is easy for students to be tempted into making bad choices, such as thinking they can drive when they should not.The approaching car was on my right, slowing for the stop sign ahead.I started across but midway I realized the driver’s attention had drifted and her car was regaining speed, veering my way.As his students, we have learned how to think critically in the classroom and are well aware of how our academic choices can alter our futures.I imagine this is his small way of encouraging his students to think critically outside of the classroom as well and understand that those choices are just as important.I cannot control the actions of those around me nor can I make them understand the selfish nature of their choice to drink irresponsibly. I do not believe any one person is too insignificant or too powerless to make a difference.The positive, responsible actions and choices of each individual contribute to the wellbeing of their community in ways far greater than they may ever understand.While I wish all students would act responsibly and understand how truly selfish it is so drive when drunk, I understand that this is not reality.These students who carelessly drink and drive are ignoring the negative impact it has on their lives and on the lives of others.They are ignoring the hard work of their families to provide and secure for them an education.They are ignoring the hopes of other students who are pursuing their futures and academic careers at Florida State.


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