Door Slammed Shut Essay

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A friend of a neighbor liked to impress people with secrets, or perhaps he was a German sympathizer. One day a loud knock on the outside door came at the same time that the door was forcefully opened.

Three German soldiers burst in, accompanied by a neighbor for translation (or maybe he was a traitor).

My older brother, however, overheard a quiet discussion between our parents and, in great secrecy, passed it on to me.

He also knew we shared an Our secret spread around the neighborhood.

This door was cleverly hidden, so that it seemed to be part of the wall.

My mother then hung all kinds of stuff in front of the wall to hide any sign of the door, even from the family.

He carefully did what he had practiced many times: he adjusted the wall, opened the door, went through, and closed it noiselessly. ” Leading the unhappy soldiers out, she quietly shut the closet’s entrance door, so that it looked again like a typical closet in our neighborhood. We were all from the outside, and we’d come to pray with those inside as part of a prison ministry weekend event.

He was now in the neighbor’s house, and they had rehearsed how to transfer him immediately to a temporary hideout. Isn’t it terrible the way our children come up with these crazy ideas and contraptions without so much as mentioning it to their parents? We chatted nervously until finally a guard came to escort us to the prison gym. This blonde girl was complaining during a one-hour visit to prison?

Whether it’s for doors slamming shut or doors being swept by the wind and bang against the wall, we’ve got you covered.

There are few very inexpensive ways to help stop a door from slamming shut.


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