Domestic Violence Dissertation

The start should be strong enough to entice readers into reading through all the chapters.

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What do these conditions reveal about the primary functions of these laws?

Based on analysis of 19th-century legal and government data, local and appellate case records, federal reports, Freedman’s Bureau documents, periodical data, and family records, I argue that Southern wife-beating laws were a white supremacist post-Civil War response to the legalization of black family formation.

They functioned to control black labor and degrade the status of blackness. Since the proliferation of early wife-beating laws (1870-1900) coincided with first wave feminism, scholarship assumes that they were the result of feminist agency and borne out of a desire to protect women.

My research challenges conventional accounts about the historical origins of U. These assumptions have led to two important limitations in domestic violence scholarship.

The thesis statement provides a hint of the direction you are going to steer the debate. It enables a reader to understand the purpose of undertaking the study.

Ensure that your thesis statement is clear to enable a reader to develop genuine expectations. Choose catchy words by a renowned advocate or personality and let the statement provide direction to your work.This dissertation investigates the historical emergence of wife-beating laws in the United States.The key questions I investigate are: What were the social conditions in which wife- beating laws emerged in the nineteenth-century South?A broad topic denies you the opportunity to address issues in detail while a very specific topic denies you the chance to provide a comprehensive view of issues.A captivating topic is the best way to start any paper.First, most scholarship focuses on the North, where first wave feminism flourished.Second, even when research considers the effects of other social factors, such as race and class, it foregrounds the effects of feminist agency.In fact, anti-wife-beating laws proliferated throughout southern states where, like Alabama, there was neither a feminist movement, nor female collective action against wife-beating.By the early 1900s, the ideological association between wife-beating and black families was so pervasive that denying “wife-beaters” the vote was a device some southern states used to disenfranchise black men.How then do you start a paper on domestic violence and ensure that it is captivating enough? Your choice of topic should indicate clear intentions.The topic should set research boundaries without being too broad or too specific.


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