Disadvantages Of Learning A Foreign Language Essay

Disadvantages Of Learning A Foreign Language Essay-26
Most of us are huge fans of Hollywood films, but have you ever been intrigued to check out what world cinema has to offer?I am a huge foreign movie buff and every time I watch a Korean film, I get this urge to learn Korean right away.

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By not having a foreign language behind you, you limit your clients, and, therefore, you limit your own potential.

If you enjoy traveling to foreign countries, but do not know how to speak the language, you may feel isolated and lost during your trip.

It is incorrect to assume that everybody speaks the same language, and that, therefore, all business dealings should be handled in one language.

You can diversify your clientele -- and make more money -- when you learn a foreign language.

A foreign language gives you insight into a new culture.

By learning a foreign language you start to experience details about a region of the world that you never knew existed.Many people long to learn foreign languages so that they can enrich their lives.Salespeople who can speak foreign languages are at a greater advantage for closing deals than salespeople who are monolingual.This type of cultural awareness can be advantageous to your ability to work well with others, be open to new ideas and embrace cultural differences.However, missing out on this cultural experience can cause you to feel culturally isolated.The expansion of globalization has led many individuals to understand the advantages of learning a foreign language.Many adults are going back to school or picking up language learning curriculum so that they can stay well-versed in the main languages spoken in the global business arena.And the internet is filled with tons and tons of resources that talk about cinema as a medium of language learning.And while a few advocated movie based learning, there are many out there who don’t believe in it.Her work has been featured in "The Desert Leaf" and "Kentucky Doc Magazine," covering health and wellness, environmental conservatism and DIY crafts. It has been over 125 years since the birth of cinema, but the buzz and awe surrounding it has not faded one bit.


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