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So there's no use spending all your time working on creative alternatives for dialogue tags!In keeping your dialogue tags simple, it can be tempting to make up any perceived lack of description by introducing .Finally, dialogue can also be used to keep a story moving forwards.

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Give your writing ability, and your readers, some credit – you wouldn't spoon-feed readers an overwhelming amount of details in your narrative, so try not to do it in your dialogue either.

If you've really tapped into your characters and their personalities, it should be possible to portray the emotions, motivations, and thought processes behind their words It's very rare for people to sit down to an even, consistent, back-and-forth conversation, in which all participants' attention is focussed solely on speaking or listening. 'Last chance, Hazara.' Hassan’s answer was to cock the arm that held the rock.

As Alice once said before her journey down the rabbit-hole, 'What is the use of a book without pictures or conversation?

' In my view, stories and novels consist of three parts: narration, which moves the story from point A to point B and finally point Z; description, which creates a sensory reality for the reader; and dialogue, which brings characters to life through their speech.' – Stephen King Without dialogue, we would have a very limited insight into a story's characters.

While dialogue does help with all this, it's more than just character development.

It's also a way to create conflict, which is often the key to a great story; conversations between characters can also set the mood of the scene, whether it's tense and dangerous or hopeful and full of promise.

So, to summarise, dialogue should do one or more of the following things: Now, we're not going to pretend it's easy to write dialogue that achieves all this effectively and engagingly.

In fact, a lot of writers find dialogue to be one of the hardest elements of writing, and it seems to be universally agreed that it's a difficult thing to do well. We've put together a set of golden rules for writing great dialogue, and if you learn how to follow them, you'll be well on your way to making this a stand-out element in your fiction.

We wouldn't know what they're thinking, feeling, wanting; how they interact with each other; what their relationships are to one another and how this affects the story.

If we don't know all this, we can't really understand, relate to, or sympathise with these characters – which makes for a pretty dull story.


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