Descriptive Essays On Paintings

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When I first looked at the picture, it looked like there were only two colors green and blue.

When I got closer to the picture I noticed there were many other colors used.

Are there any specific colors or color palettes you can identify?

It's often hard or impossible to see texture in a photo of a painting, as it doesn't show unless there's light shining in from the side that catches the ridges and casts small shadows.

Remember that in some styles of painting, all brush marks are carefully eliminated by the artist. Look at the lighting in the painting, not only in terms of the direction it is coming from and how it creates shadows but also its color, its intensity, the mood it creates, whether it is natural (from the sun) or artificial (from a light, fire, or candle).

Make sure to describe the shadows and the highlights as well.

This aspect of a painting is one where it can really seem like you're stating the obvious.

But if you think of how you'd describe an artwork to someone who has not seen it or who isn't looking at a photo of it, you'd probably tell them the subject of the painting quite early on.

Does the painting seem to fit a particular style or be reminiscent of a particular artist's work?

There are many terms for different styles in the history of art, and these descriptors can create instant impressions.


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