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Make a romance steamier by including adjectives such as Wholesome Here are few objects and places that will help incorporate scent in your writing: Breath, clothing, elevators, feet, hands, hair, money, old books, pets, seating places, vehicles, weather, food, public transit, plants, wooden objects Wax creative.After returning from the beach and washing all of our towels in hot water (and drying them), they still have that specific smell of the ocean - the Atlantic Ocean in the Northeastern USA. I know this is a bit offbeat, but I love the real smell of the sea, and am not too fond of artificial aquatic fragrances.The memories might be so strong that he wets his pants or hears the non-existent screams of his dying victim. Spritz aroma throughout your writing, as you might air freshener in a stale room, to stimulate readers’ olfactory centers.

It's not sunscreen or perspiration, but true ocean water after you've dried your skin with the towel. I know nothing about Marine Biology, that is only my humble "average jane" coclusion. ;-) The overall smell of course is more complex, since you are also smelling the beach and the people and the cool air and everything, but since you asked on what clings to the towels...(and it's the same on skin, I might add) Good question!

In the end I don't really know what that ocean smell is. At low tide, I can smell the ocean from a few miles away, although then it predominately smells of seaweed, mucky sand, and perhaps stranded shellfish (oysters, clams and mussels mostly).

Maybe it is iodine that I'm smelling, mixed with salt.

Select a word that suits the situation: Aroma, attar, aura, balm, bouquet, distillate, essence, fragrance, hint, perfume, pong, redolence, reek, smell, spoor, stench, stink, suggestion, tang, tinge, trace, trail, undertone, waft, whiff, whisper Study a few examples.

lists contain words you could include in direct comparisons.


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