Dental Hygienist Research Paper

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The National Board Dental Hygiene Examination fulfills the written exam prerequisite while the state licensing board offers the clinical examination.Education and Certification In the US, dental hygienists need to be graduates of viable dental hygiene programs.

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The third service offered by dental hygienist is therapeutic services.

These procedures include, among others, cleansings or prophylaxis, dental sealants, fluoride administration and supply of instructions for effective oral care and hygiene.

Dental hygienists also perform scaling and root planning in patients suffering from periodontal disease and acquire prescribed radio graphs to augment the provision of dental care (Noble, 2012).

Dental hygienists and dentists work cooperatively within a co-therapist setting in order to provide optimal oral health care to the general public.

In the conduct of their everyday functions, dental hygienists perform a number of procedures.

Researchers from the University of Zurich demonstrate that mutated genes lead to defects in the tooth enamel and can therefore encourage the development of caries.

Only 12 percent of older Americans have some form of dental insurance and fewer than half visited a dentist in the previous year, suggests new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research on Medicare beneficiaries.

In essence, dental hygienists provide expertise in their field, offering diagnosis of dental hygiene and health, which is a critical constituent of dental diagnosis.

Pursuant to the completion of at least one of the 200 ascribed dental hygiene courses in the US, dental hygienists are licensed in the state they intend to practice (“Dental Hygienist Career”, 2012).


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