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If you need a moment to collect your thoughts or even back-track, just ask for it.Having this self awareness, and returning with composure and a clear direction will be looked upon favourably.To alleviate this anxiety, we’ll walk you through three types of case studies you might be asked to solve.

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This provides both the interviewer and yourself with a structure to follow. This part takes some practice, so it’s best to have completed a few mock cases with friends, colleagues or family. You’re being tested on how quickly you can analyse a case and present it on the fly in a high pressure situation.

Explain the steps you are taking and focus on the reasons why you are taking them. Speak clearly and concisely with confidence and good eye contact.

Consulting services usually involve either implementation or advisory services.

Every consultant is required to take an unbiased and independent stand on any issue that they are handling.

When you do formulate questions, make sure they are thoughtful and necessary.

Case Study Schizophrenia Patients - Deloitte Case Studies Consulting

Most importantly, remember to listen to the answers you are given.

If you need to make assumptions to move the case forward, articulate exactly what these are.

The fantastic thing about business case questions is that there are often multiple valid solutions.

If you become overwhelmed and miss a piece of information, ask for it again.

If you have a number of problem-solving techniques up your sleeve, choose which one to use.


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