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But some themes like Divi Theme with complicated structure give you very simple way to customize the whole theme design.

As well you can control the design with Word Press plugins and can design your HTML and CSS based navigation bar, for that giving you some practices and suggestions along with useful references.

Skin Editor and create a new page template: Let’s call the new template Front Page: Have the Front Page template to follow the “Home” template by directly copying from the “Home” layout.

Check again to double confirm that the Nav menu of your new Front Page template is located below the header like how you preferred it to be.

All you have to add few code segments in your theme.

Following are the available function references to Register/Un Register Navigation Menus: You can create multiple menus, add existing categories or pages to the menu, and you can add custom links to the menu as well.To illustrate, let me show you one of my blogs where the top navigation menu stubbornly stuck at the top (I have changed the layout of the blog now): While top menu for the other pages have moved downwards: Previously I had encountered this problem but did not know how to solve it. This happens to users who set for their homepage to display a static page instead of latest posts.Users who uses a static page (in Word Press settings where they have changed their site/blog homepage to display a static page) would have the navigation menu remaining on the top of the header: As the default template in Thesis theme is to have the menu appearing on top, if you wish to move the menu to appear beneath the header image, the solution is very simple.Some Word Press themes have a very simple navigation bar, so there is a need to make it to according to the customer requirements which look good with the website design.Customization of ready-made themes become tough if they have used a function to control the Navigation bar.Its all depends on your design and HTML and CSS skills.I have designed the U-Design Word Press theme, if you want to add navigation bar in a header file, create a style for navigation bar in a file and there is a file custom_in a folder “u-design\styles\custom\”.Open this file and change the #navigation-menu setting according to your own requirements.Word Press Plugins provide a new and improved functionality to your Website, and For Navigation design, there are lots of useful plugins which you can use in different situations.This secondary stylesheet is a very helpful feature when you need to update the main theme framework, as updates will not delete customizations you've made to the Thesis theme.Rebecca Mecomber, a former radio broadcaster, has been a professional blogger and writer since 2006.


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