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As the 2018 Mid-term election continues, results are rolling in from each and every corner of the country, with the Democrat success rate within the House of Representatives rising to victory as voting comes to a close."Democrats continued to expand their House majority over the weekend, with several key races decided in their favor” (Blaine and Agiesta, 2018).This scandal has also created a dilemma within the ranks of major league sports; are those who used performance enhancing drugs and now hold records to keep their records.

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"In California’s traditionally Republican Orange County, Democrats picked up three congressional seats, meaning the entire county will be represented by Democrats in Congress” (Blaine and Agiesta, 2018).

For example: You can use the questions and their answers to complete a number of insightful paragraphs supporting your overall opinions and ideas.

Indeed, the ominous thought of the United States having to deal with an isolated, desperate, now-nuclear power that's verbally threatening the United States and breaking treaties with an ally of America should inspire plenty of questions.

Picking a current events topic (such as "Kim Jong-un and the North Korean Nuclear Threat") that will spark interest in the reader and elicit a good grade from your teacher is the ultimate goal.

A well-written, "current events essay" has four main components: Now that we have discussed the four basic components of a good essay on a current event, we're going to discuss the last point in more detail and apply it to our topic.


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