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When his daughter Betty falls ill as a result, they and others seek to deflect blame away from themselves and simultaneously exact revenge against those they feel have wronged them.

The village’s population is decimated as a result, and in the resulting , the Christian faith is a central tenet of the lives of all characters, as both texts tell the story of strongly religious communities.

It also acts as a strong driver of the conflict which occurs in both cases, but in quite distinct ways, and propels the action and development of many characters.

It also acts as a driving force within individuals as well as communities, deciding one way or another their actions and ultimately their characters.

Both texts are rich narratives on their own, but they are also strongly grounded in historical events that you may not have studied in great depth and which significantly influence the plot and characters’ actions – this is especially relevant when discussing the religion portrayed in the texts.

Knowing that they've sinned, the girls claim they were bewitched.

He wrote the crucible in 1953 during the Mc Carthy period when Americans were accusing each other of pro-communist beliefs. Instead, he was a diligent farmer who loved his wife and his children.Hysteria supplants logic and enables people to believe that their neighbors, whom they have grown to trust, do things that one would normally find anomalous much like in Arthur Millers The Crucible.An estimated one to nine million Europeans were accused of being witches.The fear and mistrust among the seventeenth century Salem society can be directly related to todays twenty-first century society.What would happen to Miller's story if Tituba were not portrayed as the well-worn American stereotype of a Black slave woman circa 1850 practicing voodoo, but as a Christianized Indian whose only use of magic was European white magic at the instruction of her English.begin with a group of young girls from Salem being discovered dancing and playing at witchcraft with Tituba, the slave of the town’s religious leader Reverend Parris.Then download our free mini-guide, where we break down the art of writing the perfect text-response essay into three comprehensive steps. If you need to feel prepared and confident before your next assessment, learn how to nail your next Comparative essay with this 15-page how-to guide.In The Crucible, the community in Salem is depicted as motivated by fear, greed, and revenge shown by the witch trials.The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller in 1953.Which in turn leads to Reverend Parris bringing Reverend John Hale to Salem.


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