Critical Thinking Strategies Concept Mapping

Critical Thinking Strategies Concept Mapping-23
In Summary, our findings support the construction of concepts maps as a strategy for facilitating critical thinking.Authors’ affiliation: College of Nursing, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tenn.

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Hierdie verkenning en beskrywing is gebaseer op die onderwysproses: die identifiseringsfase, die interaktiewe konstrueringsproses, die formuleringsfase en evalueringsfase.

Die gevolgtrekking word gemaak dat die aanwending van hierdie fases verpleegopvoeders behulpsaam sal wees in die implementering van konsepkartering as 'n onderrigmetode om kritiese denke by leerling verpleërs te fasiliteer in verpleegkunde-onderwys. Facilitating critical thinking remains a challenge faced by both nurse educators and student nurses, especially in the multi-modal and learner-centred approach to learning.

The facilitation of critical thinking in teaching and learning requires a willingness and commitment to engage in the utilisation of the core cognitive critical thinking skills and the related affective dispositions.

Infusing critical thinking skills into didactic activities requires the construction and reconstruction of meanings by students through actively seeking to integrate new knowledge with knowledge already existing in their cognitive structure.

ISSN: 1025-9848 (print) ISSN: 2071-9736 (online) • Abstract • Opsomming • Introduction • Assumptions • Theoretical Framework • Concept-mapping as a teaching method • Epistemological foundation • Critical thinking • Discussion • Assessment • Planning and implementation • Evaluation and feedback • Recommendations • Conclusion • References Nursing students are exposed to a vast amount of information and reading material that is very specific, technical, and new to the students.

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Concept mapping, graphically depicting the structure of abstract concepts, is based on the observation that pictures and line drawings are often more easily comprehended than the words that represent an abstract concept.

The efficacy of concept mapping for facilitating critical thinking was assessed in four sections of an introductory psychology course.

If students can link new information to their existing conceptual framework, they can construct new, meaningful interconnections so that their existing conceptions are transformed, enriched or revised and conceptual change occurs.

Therefore, existing conceptions are transformed during knowledge construction, that is, construction of understanding (Gravett 20).


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