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Critical Thinking Practice Tests-76
Following the question are a set of arguments in favour of and against the given scenario.

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The final type of question within a critical thinking test is one that asks the candidate to interpret information.

As with all of the other questions above, candidates are presented with a paragraph of information accompanied by a set of possible conclusions.

They will look for logical connections between ideas, consider alternative interpretations and evaluate the strength of arguments presented.

Everyone experiences some degree of subconscious bias in their thinking.

You can practise realistic critical thinking tests here.

During a crucial thinking test you will be presented with a paragraph of information, usually setting out a given scenario and including both numerical and written data.

Accompanying this paragraph will be a statement asking you to determine how truthful you think the statement is based on the information provided.

The test will typically include five sections as described below, which are used to measure how effectively you can work through information using analytical reasoning.

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