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Those interested in a more recent conceptualization of critical thinking are referred to Facione 2011a, which is a short introduction to the field of critical thinking that would be appropriate for those new to the field, or Facione 1990, which summarizes a collaborative definition of critical thinking among philosophers using the Delphi method.Facione 2011b would be a valuable resource for philosophers teaching critical thinking or logic courses to general audiences.2007 was written specifically to address critical thinking in psychology.

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The rising tide of inaccurate information online in the early decades of the 21st Century only reinforces her point.

Video platforms like You Tube do not discriminate between fact and fiction.

2007), while the other sources are review articles or commentaries.

Most resources were intended for a general audience, but Sternberg, et al.

Nisbett 1993 tackles the question of whether critical thinking skills can be taught and provides ample empirical evidence to that end. 2007 is a good resource for psychology students interested in learning how to improve their scientific reasoning skills, a specific set of thinking skills needed by psychology and other science students.

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What is reportedly true of psychologists as a group?

The phrase became popular among educators in the 1950s, but in 1998 psychologist Diane Halpern said critical thinking was "more important than ever" for today's students (Halpern, 1998).

We will discuss some basic principles in this course.

Any natural science course at a college or university should be helpful in gaining familiarity with science.


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