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Critical Essays On Lord Of The Rings-78
including scriptwriting and the creative process, the place of the films in cinematic history, gender roles in the films and the books, wisdom and councils, hobbits and heroism, fan culture and fanfic, the use of Tolkien's languages in the films, and other issues.

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Thomas Aquinas Most attempts at criticizing Jackson's films as adaptations of Tolkien get bogged down in the underbrush of certain lines of general defense of loose film adaptation, which need to be cleared away before a critique can stand clear.

This paper, in the format of a set of articles from Aquinas's , will attempt to clear away that underbrush, and will also present substantive criticism of the films themselves.

Fan fiction is a continuation of this story-telling impulse, and when the Internet became established as an easily available communications tool, it did not take long for popular culture fans and authors to gather around this new global campfire, to tell and retell their tales in the time honored traditions of bards and story-tellers.

The recent release of Peter Jackson's trilogy of movies has awakened armies of dormant Tolkien fans, and fan fiction set in Tolkien's universe has exploded across the Internet.

He has been occupied, more than he'd like, critiquing the Jackson films since the first trailers appeared, and his first article on the subject, "The Case Against Peter Jackson," appeared in , its readers will be most interested in how clearly and well Peter Jackson has adapted to film medium this modern classic and what in particular he has left out or changed (and to what purpose).

Jackson's filmic version rewrites Tolkien's anti-epic as a flashy, high-tech adventure film—that is, he tries to return it to the Hollywood genre of the epic.

My essay will examine both Tolkien's and Jackson's Arwen in relation to these patterns, and will explore Tolkien's own experiments (unpublished during his life) in creating a more modern heroine in his conflicting notes for Galadriel. at the University of Rochester, writing a dissertation on Ben Jonson's use of imitation and innovation.

Although Tolkien produced an example of a Psyche-type heroine, he himself seems to have recognized that passivity could not be the entire basis for women's (and elven) contributions to life. She teaches in the Language Arts Department at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Sometimes the fan authors have never read the original literary works, and operate solely off of information they have gathered from Jackson's storyline for his films.

This paper will explore the modern need and desire by fan authors to “fill in the blanks” in the original story-line, and in the character's lives.


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