Credit Repair Business Plan

They have charged this industry to police themselves.

There are two great non-profit associations that support credit repair industry standards: the Credit Consultants Association (CCA) and the National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO).

Because they address individual business owners, the CCA is launching a criminal/civil background check system for credit repair consultants and company owners.

This system will also check education and other certification credentials.

DO NOT be persuaded by any FREE TRAINING listings, because nothing is free unless it is provided by a non-profit company.

The FREE will attract you, but in most cases, it ends up costing you money.Get clear step-by-step instructions and expert tips on how to build your business plan.Whether this is your first plan or you are an experienced business plan writer, it's fast and easy to create a business plan with these easy to follow instructions.First, you don’t need a degree or a special license to be a credit repair specialist.However, it is very important to be a member of a non-profit credit repair trade association that ensures high standards and policies the industry as suggested by the CFPB and FTC.NACSO makes sure credit repair companies are in compliance by checking their contracts, sales scripts, and paperwork.To get their certification can be a tedious process; this is because one must make sure all the company’s paperwork and sales scripts are in order.However, one can’t run away from a quality background and credentials check.The association is expanding to address more local level issues where credit repair companies are located.Starting a credit repair business can be extremely lucrative; especially since all the issues facing the credit bureaus as of late.It also has a very low startup cost if you are SMART and do your research.


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