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Module 2: Dramatic Ideas This module will introduce you to technical aspects of the crafts of stage and screen as a basis for an exploration of writing for performance.

These workshops will be led by teachers experienced in the acting professions and you will have the opportunity to develop your writing skills in the context of the various levels of creative production within the performing industries.

Module 3: Writing Professions This module will be based around regular guest talks and workshops by visiting speakers from the various writing professions.

You will have the opportunity to engage with and question these writers and professionals, and you will keep an account of the visits which will allow you to reflect on the ways in which our speakers help you to explore your writing practice and career possibilities.

Curriculum information relates to the current academic year (in most cases).

Course and module offerings and details may be subject to change.

An examinable portion of a subject or course, for which you attend lectures and/or tutorials and carry out assignments. Algebra and Calculus could be modules within the subject Mathematics. Subjects have their own required number of credits, so you must take all that subject's required modules and may also need to obtain the remainder of the subject's total credits by choosing from its available optional modules.

A BA with Creative Writing will benefit you in your other degree subjects, and your specialism will also make you a highly valued candidate for postgraduate programmes that focus on writing, literature and creativity.

Your project(s) may also be completed in conjunction with on-site professional experience in the creative fields.

Study at a University Abroad Language departments require that you spend a period in a relevant country during your third year.


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