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International co-operation in the use of elite military forces to counter terrorism: The British and American experience, with special reference to their respective experiences in the evolution of low-intensity operations.The relations between the productions of broadcasting organisations, the social experiences of audiences and the meaning attached to programmes, with particular reference to recent institutional and technical changes in mass communications. In Accounting Education: Problems and Prospects , American Accounting Association, pp. Accounting for use of ptiblic funds in medieval England.

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In The Impact of Accounting Research on Prac tice and Disclosure , ed.

Chapters in Books The impact of a prior research on accounting prac- tice.

Shlosberg Computerized testing in the beginning accounting course, The Accounting Review , January, 1978, pp.

Lorek Effects of reduction in number of observations on time series analysis of quarterly earnings data, Journal of Accounting Research , Spring, 1978, pp.

Proceed- ings of American Statistical Association Annual Meeting, 1978, pp. NEUMANN, FREDERICK L., Professor Narrowing the breach.

Montanelli SMITH, CHARLES H., Professor A new test for 2x2 contingency tables. How does corporate internationalisation, undertaken from the economies of nation-states at the European and global periphery, ameliorate their long-standing strategic rivalries?The case of the Greek strategic rivalry with Turkey.This will be facilitated through the provision of an integrated curriculum of theory, application and research.The successful outcome of a doctoral program leads to the awarding of a Ph D (Doctor of Philosophy title) to the candidate.All Schools of the University operate doctoral programs.The directions of the programs are closely linked with the Master-level graduate programs that each particular School is operating and any student registered for a Ph D must maintain a field of specialization within the domain of interest of these programs.Are computerised profiling tools effective in support of AML procedures as required by MLROs and compliance officers in a banking sector context?An inquiry into determining effectiveness despite ambiguity.An appraisal of the right of return and compensation of Jordanian nationals of Palestinian refugee origin and Jordan's right, under international law, to bring claims relating thereto, on their behalf to and against Israel and to seek compensation as a host state in light of the conclusion of the Jordan-Israel peace treaty of 1994.Policy innovation, asymmetric decentralization and local economic development in post-Mao China -- Case studies of China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park and Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone.


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