Consequences For Plagiarism On College Essay

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Tips For Avoiding Plagiarism In order to avoid Plagiarism a student must use proper citations.

According to a journal article by Sarah Estow, Eva Lawrence, and Kathrynn Adams, “Results suggest repeated hands-on exposure to the topic of plagiarism improves plagiarism avoidance and understanding.” (Estow, Lawrence and Adams 2012) Writing Style Standards and Plagiarism There are several popular writing styles standards including MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, CE, and Harvard.

In order to avoid Plagiarism, each style standard has specific citation requirements that must be carefully implemented.

As information has become easier and easier to access via electronic resources, plagiarism - whether deliberate or inadvertent - has grown to be a huge problem on college campuses.

Unlike the days before the internet, when copying a paper and passing it off as original was unlikely to be found out, there are myriad tools available to professors - and to students - to check for the originality of any given piece of writing.


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