Comparing Artwork Essay

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This movement somewhat defied tradition trying to state that the artist’s use of mass produced commercialised items from society’s “popular” culture is connected with some of the perspectives from the fine art movement.

Pop art takes the material from the context it was originally intended for and removes it then either combines it with other objects, drawings, figures or isolates the object completely for the viewer’s contemplation.

The hand and feet rest on the ground symbolizing intimate contact with th...

This essay will cover the similarities and differences between two Artworks " The Little fourteen -Year- Old Dancer" and " Baboon and young".

Baboon and young and The little fourteen year old dancer are free-standing sculptures depicting life through different animals.

These artworks are of different sizes, The little fourteen year old dancer is 104.5 cm while The baboon and young is 21cm respectively. The fourteen year old dancer has been portrayed wearing a bronze vest and shoes, a cotton skirt and satin ribbon a combination which displays different surface qualities thus creating a strong contrast of tactile texture. (2002: 203) by saying: What an unusual combination of textures! Even the vest and the ballet Shoes she wears arebronze.Learning to understand major underlying themes in art history is crucial to developing a strong analysis.Here, you'll find topics that orient your students toward comparing and contrasting themes and different approaches to them. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.The idea of Pop art tries not to refer to art itself but more to the attitudes that seemingly led to it.Pop artists use aspects from our culture such as advertising, comic books and day to day objects.They do this to emphasise the trite elements of any given culture sometimes through the use of irony.Pop art is considered to be an art movement that seemingly came before postmodern art or some of the earliest examples of Postmodern Art themselves.One way to continue developing their capacity to analyze art and its history is to have them write compare and contrast essays.When students learn to compare and contrast different themes, styles and approaches to art, they really think about what characterizes different aspects of art history.The curvy and diagonal employed on skirt to show the folds have further illustrated the idea of subtle movement on the little fourteen year old dancer...Compare and Contrast the Work of Two Artists from Different Movements or Trends - Contextual Studies Essay The two artists from different moments that I have chosen to compare and contrast are Peter Blake from the pop art movement and Jackson Pollock from the abstract expressionism movement.


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