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"I think many of the shortfalls we see are just a new reality with the new federal tax codes relative to the (state and local tax) deductions. "I'm very excited to have him in that position."Sen.Jamie Eldridge, a progressive Democrat and the new co-chair of the Judiciary Committee, said Rodrigues authored an expansion of the earned income tax credit to help low-income families and proposed a reform to limit the tax credit designed to create film industry work."I think he's someone that's generally been skeptical towards certain corporate tax breaks," Eldridge said. I am someone that is a very strong advocate to raise revenue and I'll certainly be making my case to him that this session we need to raise revenue and not just look to pass the millionaire's tax in four years."Massachusetts House of Representatives House Speaker Robert De Leo of Winthrop, first elected to that post in 2009 and now the longest continually serving speaker in state history, shuffled his leadership and committee structure Thursday, naming Rep.AUSTIN, Texas Speaker Dennis Bonnen today announced Texas House Committee assignments for the 86th Legislature.

Analysis of Committee Assignments: The current makeup of the Texas House is 82 Republicans and 64 Democrats (with 3 vacant seats).

Including the Speaker Pro Tempore (a leadership position equivalent to a chair), 22 Republicans and 13 Democrats received chair positions.

"I think that's important also when it comes to chairing the Ways and Means Committee.

It's not just the operating budget — there's so much other policy that flows through that committee."Now, as Senate Ways and Means Chair, Rodrigues will hold a coveted position overseeing the state's $42 billion budget, the operating budget of the largest organization in New England.

Aaron Michlewitz as the new chair of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Michlewitz, of Boston, is the fourth Ways and Means chair to serve under De Leo, following Jeff Sanchez, Brian Dempsey and Charley Murphy, all now former legislators.

"After thoughtful consideration, these committee assignments have been made to reflect the seniority and personal preferences of Members and the diverse demographics of the Texas House.

The Speaker announced committee assignments on the 16th day of the legislative session.

De Leo himself served as Ways and Means chair before succeeding former Speaker Salvatore Di Masi following a battle for the speakership with Rep. Michlewitz joined the House in 2009, winning a special election to fill the seat that had been held by former Speaker Salvatore Di Masi.

Last session, as co-chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, he led efforts to pass a law taxing and regulating short-term rentals.


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