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Travel, living, or working experiences in your own or other communities This prompt is asking you to discuss experiences you've had that involved traveling, living, and/or working in a specific community (either your own or another) and what kind of effect that experience has had on you.

Here are examples of experiences you could talk about for this essay: If you’ve had an experience that fits or mostly fits one of the examples above and it’s had a large impact on how you see and define yourself as a person, this is a solid prompt for you.

With this prompt, Harvard wants you to focus on an intellectual or learning experience that's had a big impact on you in terms of your personal growth, your academic/intellectual interests and passions, the field of study you want to pursue, etc.

This intellectual experience could be anything that's intellectually stimulating, such as an essay or book you read, a poem you analyzed, or a research project you conducted.

Here are the 2018-19 Harvard supplement essay prompts: As you can see, some of these topics are more specific and focused, while others are more broad and open ended.

When it comes down to it, though, should you write the Harvard supplement essay, or skip it altogether?

Basically, how will your college education help you achieve your future goals (whatever those may be)?

If you have a pretty clear vision for your future goals during and after college, this is a perfect prompt to choose for your Harvard essay.

For example, you could write about how you found an old copy of Charles Darwin’s at a garage sale, and how reading this prompted you to develop an interest in biology, which you now intend to major in and eventually make a career out of.

This is also an ideal prompt to pick if you want to highlight a particular interest or passion you have that differs from the academic field you want to study in college.


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