Civil War Research Paper

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Wigfall of Texas unashamedly used fear to motivate southern constituents to vote against the Republican candidate, Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln’s name was not even listed on ballots in nine southern states.

This guide is not comprehensive, but it highlights a diverse collection of free websites of primary sources for the study of the war.

These websites include digitized newspaper archives for both the Union and Confederate sides of the struggle, collections of letters and diaries, digitized photographs, maps, and official records and dispatches from the battlefields.

What happens when a people are more motivated by fear than by logic in an election year?

In the presidential election of 1860, political leaders such as Robert Barnwell Rhett of South Carolina, William Lowndes Yancey of Alabama, and Lewis T.Did they use fear to motivate their own constituents against slavery? If not, why did the northern people fight the South’s secession so vehemently?Who were the northern politicians and what positions did they take regarding slavery and war? Was Lincoln’s election really a threat to the institution of slavery?A more peaceful solution could have resulted from this conflict if the southern states had the ability to establish their own country.Is there any way the direction of this dispute could have gone differently?Here are some tips that should prove informative for writing a research paper on the American civil war: Wars cost a lot of resources, as well as lives and can be a great economic strain on the fighting parties.We see two groups, formerly of the same country, having different ideals and both wishing to have their beliefs imposed.Even after Lincoln’s election, the North would not have had a sufficient majority in the Senate to end slavery, as this would have required a two-thirds majority vote to pass a constitutional amendment.Arguably, this would not have happened until at least 1896, when Nevada was admitted as the 30In the meantime, the South could have made adjustments to its economy to accommodate the additional labor costs that would have resulted from the increased wages for the former slaves.This war occurred at the time slavery was abolished and the southern states simply refused to give up this luxury.Had the southern states won the war, is it possible that slavery would have still been in practice even today?


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