Christy Brown With Cerebral Palsy As An Essay

Christy Brown With Cerebral Palsy As An Essay-89
Although other children, including his siblings, would play with him while Brown moved around on a cart he called “Henry,” he felt distance from these children in a very acute way.Brown knew he was different; that realization was an intensely depressing one for him.Though his life was cut short, his legacy continued to grow.

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He was one of 22 children, only 13 of which survived past infancy.

He was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy soon after his birth, which left him almost entirely incapable of movement apart from in his left leg.

Cerebral palsy is the result of damage to the parts of the brain that control motor function.

These damages generally occur while the mother is pregnant, though they can occur during childbirth as well.

He discovered his passion for the arts at a young age, and adapted to his disability by writing and drawing by using his left foot, the only limb over which he had control.

Christy Brown With Cerebral Palsy As An Essay

when he lived in America with his partner at the time Beth Moore.For his mother, the moment was proof that her son’s mental capacity was not diminished as the doctors believed.Following this transformative communicative experience, however, Brown eventually turned inward over time.The fact that he made a coherent letter, Brown admits, was either coincidence or instinct, writing that his intent was to make “a wild sort of scribble with it on the slate.” Whatever the case, it was a transformative moment for both him and his mother.For Brown, the moment finally opened an outlet for communication.As he grew increasingly introverted, Brown began to lose himself in literature, painting, and poetry.A visit to Lourdes, France provided Brown a second major transformative experience.While the rest of Brown’s family accepted this false diagnosis of Brown’s intellectual capacities, his mother refused to believe it.As time went on, Brown’s mother continued to believe in her son’s normal mental capacity in defiance of doctors and peers.In 1989, the book was adapted into an Academy Award winning film starring Daniel Day-Lewis.When Brown was first born, neither his doctors nor his parents noticed symptoms or behaviors to lead them to think he was anything but a normal, healthy child.


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