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Considered part of some Old Testament canons and written a few hundred years before any recognized Christian writings, scholars can nonetheless identify messianic allusions and numerous other themes in these two books that were subsequently incorporated into those of the Christian New Testament canon as well.The first efforts to be ultimately allowed into the New Testament were the epistles of Paul.

Additionally the Gospel of Mark appears to be based on oral tradition that preceded it.

Furthermore, the curious references to understanding parables and the "secret of the kingdom of God" in Mark -12 may indicate influence of the mystery cults.

The gospel makes no claim to have been written by an eyewitness and its traditional attribution to Mark, an assistant of the Apostle Peter, is doubtful.

It demonstrably contains historical and geographical errors and internal inconsistencies.

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Contrary to popular belief Christianity did not begin suddenly with the birth of Christ.The literature proposes terms and translations that seek to separate out religious claims.As a term proposed in response to the prominence of does this for Hindu and Christian claims as it seeks to distinguish the latter from the former.As Jews were exposed to Hellenistic culture, the fusion of the two mythologies was reflected in the countless works of their authors.Two such literary products of the Jewish Hellenistic period were the Wisdom of Jesus son of Sirach and Wisdom of Solomon.Because of the author of Mark's heavy reliance on scripture, Christian fundamentalists have reached the backward conclusion that the older works actually prophesied the gospel events.Convincing evidence has been presented that the author drew upon Old Testament themes to create a fictional work for the sole purpose of imparting a moral.Rather it evolved as a result of the social and theological climate of its time.Christianity owes much of its heritage to Hellenistic pagan religions, which distributed myths of virgin-born, died and resurrected savior gods.Paul's theology, as inferred from his authentic letters, reflects a synthesis of Judaism with the mystery cults.From his works, one can surmise Paul's belief that initiation by baptism into death and resurrection with "Christ Jesus" allows one to escape the effects of sin.


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