Chinese American Culture Essays

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For instance, American culture is very different from Chinese culture. Focusing on China and America, Chinese culture is one of the most complex and oldest in the world, and we are in the United States. When it comes to gift giving in the workplace in China and in America people should take in consideration when and what to give and receive. There are many things that you should know before giving a gift to a Chinese person.1. Clocks: Do not give a clock to a Chinese person because it is associated with death. Transition: Giving gifts in China could be a sensitive issue.1. When you are giving a gift in China it is better to do it privately or to everyone at one time.2. Colors Red and pink means respectively good luck, wealth, happiness while white and green means death, funerals.b. Special occasions (Christmas, birth of a child, death in a family).b. cash, jewelry and expensive gifts are unacceptable .b.bottle of wine, gift card of small value, pen, basket of fruit or cheese. CONCLUSIONIn short, because culture is very complicated, you should be aware of the types of things that can be given as a gift . (“Gifts In The Chinese And American Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1”, n.d.) Gifts In The Chinese And American Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1.Prominent styles of the Chinese cuisine outside China include Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian and American (Colson, 256).Chinese Dressing Recorded by the artifacts and arts of the Chinese......American and Chinese Business Ethic Culture Two ethical issues for ethics in business from a different continent or culture, the context, rationale and whom it benefits The Chinese and the American culture are two different cultures, both in social and the business contexts.Both China and America are different in terms of.....the of the Concerned 5 June Chinese Culture The main beneficiaries and precursors of the economic growth in China have been the entrepreneurs affiliated to varied strata of the society, who had engaged and invested in retail, manufacturing and services sector (Goodman 23).Going by the rise of the so called middle class in China, attempts are often made to draw a parallel between the socio-economic changes that have occurred in China since the onset of economic reforms and the socio-economic outcomes of the industrial revolution in the West (Goodman 23).In this regard, the Chinese culture can be said to have profound spread in the cuisine, music, martial arts, visual arts as well as in the literature. 21 October Chinese Culture Chinese culture is very unique and has a distinct identity of its own.It encapsulates a wide array of delightful arts and crafts. To an outsider, it is insane how people can make so many combinations of chi chu cha chan and chen so as to make a complete language.Historical facts project various dimensions in human culture.Historians use cultural dimensions such as language, social structure, religion, beliefs, and relation to the environment among other dimensions to acknowledge diversity in humanity. 12 Chinese room Culture and American room Culture Teaching can be considered as one of the most instrumental forces in shaping the lives of students through effective pedagogy.Chinese Culture Considering the history of the world, China stands out as one of the countries with enormously rich culture that encompasses all spheres of life; from the political to the social nature of life.The Chinese culture also have immense contribution in the field of medicine where acupuncture as a mode of giving remedies to ailment is highly entrenched into their system and even adopted internationally as a conventional medication system.


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