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This led to the abandonment of the Bretton Woods and the oil crisis, disrupting the market. (2008) The subprime solution: how today´s global crisis happened and what to do about it. At same time, the developed world faced stagflation and the Keynesian policies were de-legitimized towards the neo-liberal ones (Krugman, 2009).

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The leadership role was relevant, as the CEO was present in all operational processes, from the flying crew to the sessions of the program Managing People First (Turnbull et al, 2001), though, the most relevant changes in the culture, in the period from 1983 to 1995, were, the following: The BA Change Management applied into practice the organizational culture from the behaviorist theory, adding a fluidity approach, in terms of flexibility.

The HR organizational project aims to model the right behavior to the company, and is particularly focused on ensuring that behaviors to support the change on direction of the customer attention are embedded throughout the organization.

This is because the cultural change supposes a series of inferences which are linked by the behavior of the group according to its values, thus, although companies modifies and creates subcultures in the long run (Avolio, 2011), the leadership and fellowship training programs and strategies, and, the structural change, also were fundamental to enable the cultural shift of the organization, consolidating the BA position in the market in the 1990s.

The flexibility and quick response to the markets through the redirection of the firm towards the customer services only were possible because the practices of the company already were being transformed, before the new culture be developed (Tushman et al, 2006).

Its most relevant decision was the transformation of the culture of the BA, which would not be in the “transportation business” but in the customer services market, re-orienting it towards the external driven framework. (2005) Profit over people: neoliberalism and global order.

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This change management would allow to focus in the client and provide a quick response to the markets needs, as the customer became the center of the management policies. Achieving Post Merger Success: a stakeholder guide to due diligence, assessment and integration.

On the 30th of January 2014, at 13.30 hours, I will publicly defend my Ph. dissertation entitled ‘Leading Change in Public Organizations: A study about the role of leadership in the implementation of change in a public sector context’.

The defense will take place in the Sentaatszaal of the A-Building of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The culture of the company was internally driven, as demonstrated by one of its seniors managers which said in 1984 that they could run a good airliner if it werent for the passengers.

The uncertain environment was completed with the privatization which would be carried during the 1980s (Carleton and Lindenberry. In this unstable environment, a new CEO assumed in 1983, aiming to recover the company. (1992) Milton Friedman: Economics in Theory and Practice.


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