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“Uncertain Demographic Futures and Government Budgets in the U. (International Series in Population, Springer Verlag, New York).

Lee, Ronald, Shripad Tuljapurkar, and Ryan Edwards (2010).

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Long-run demographic and fiscal stochastic forecasting; intergenerational transfers; macro consequences of population aging; social security; evolutionary theory of the life cycle; and population and economic development Ronald D. He is also founding director of the National Transfer Accounts project involving researchers from more than 70 countries in Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific.

Intergenerational Transfers and the Evolution of Aging. Brian Arthur, and Gerry Rodgers, Economics of Changing Age Distribution in Developed Countries, (Oxford University Press, 1988). Gale Johnson, eds., Population Growth and Economic Development (University of Wisconsin Press, 1987).

2009-2011NICHD National Institute of Child Health & Human Development Training Grant: Interdisciplinary Training in Demography, 1984-2009NIA/UC Davis Program Project Grant (P01): Intergenerational Transfer and the Evolution of Aging, 2003-2008NIH National Institute on Aging Research Grant (R03): Improving and Extending the Lee-Carter Method for Forecasting Mortality, 2004-2006NIH National Institute on Aging K12 Career Award Program: Demography of Aging, 1999-2005 (Co-PI)Social Security Administration: NBER Retirement Research Consortium – Stochastic Forecasts for Social Security Finances: Structural Time Series and Infinite Horizons Social Security Administration: NBER Retirement Research Consortium - Project 7: What Can We Learn from Reforms in Europe? With Rodolfo Bulatao, eds., Determinants of Fertility Change in Developing Countries: A Summary of Knowledge, volumes I and II, A National Academy of Sciences Report (National Academy of Sciences Press, 1982); also published as Determinants of Fertility in Developing Countries, v.1 Supply and Demand for Children, v.2 Fertility Regulation and Institutional Influences (Academic Press, 1983), and two chapters therein. Reher, Population and Development Review 37 (Supplement s1):1-7. Chapter in NBER Book NBER-EASE Volume 19, Takatoshi Ito and Andrew Rose, editors. ” commentary on Coall and Hertwig “Grandparental Investment: Past, Present, and Future”, 33(1) pp. “Population Aging and Intergenerational Transfers: Introducing Age into National Income Accounts,” , edited by David Wise (National Bureau of Economic Research: University of Chicago Press), pp. Lee, Ronald D., Comment on “Long-Term Effects of Early-Life Development: Evidence from the 1959-1961 China Famine”, pages 345-348, 2010. Public transfer accounts for US generations born 1850-2090, 36:1, 1-26. Lee, Ronald (2010) “Population aging and the economic role of the elderly: bonanza or burden? Mason, Andrew, Ronald Lee, An-Chi Tung, Mun Sim Lai, and Tim Miller (2009). and Ronald Lee (2009) “Welfare and Generational Equity in Sustainable Unfunded Pension Systems”. Mason, Andrew, Sang-Hyop Lee, Ronald Lee, and Chong Bum An (2008), “Aging and Social Policy: An International Perspective,” in Sang-Hyop Lee, Andrew Mason, and Kwang-Eon Sul (eds), published May 5, 2008, 10.1073/pnas.0710234105 (Social Sciences). National Transfer Accounts are being used to study the evolution of familial support systems, public pensions, health care, and education systems and their influence on economic growth, poverty, generational equity, and other features of the macroeconomy. Lee, Ronald and Gretchen Donehower (2011) “Population ageing, intergenerational transfers, and economic growth,” in pp. ECLAC, Project Documents collection, UNITED NATIONS: Santiago, Chile. Laureate of the IUSSP (International Population Association), 2016Member, American Philosophical Society, 2007-Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2005-Honorary Doctorate, honoris causa, awarded by the Faculty of Social Sciences of Lund University, May 28, 2004Edward G. Jordan Endowed Chair in Economics, 2003-2014Member, US National Academy of Sciences, 1992-Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2004-Taeuber Award, from the Population Association of America and Princeton University, Awarded Bi-annually for Outstanding Achievement in Demographic Research, 1999Corresponding Fellow of the British Acadamy, elected July 1, 1999President, Population Association of America, l987MERIT Award, NIA/NIH (R37), 2009-2013MERIT Award, NIA/NIH (R37), 2004-2008MERIT Award, NIA/NIH (R37), 1994-2003Mindel C. (2011) “The Outlook for Population Growth” PMCID: PMC3155613; PMID: 2179893. , special issue in the Journal of the Economics of Ageing. Publication ID=987}Timothy Miller and Ryan Edwards, The Growth and Aging of California’s Population: Demographic and Fiscal Projections, Characteristics, and Service Needs, a Special Report of California Policy Research Center, University of California, Technical Assistance Program (2003)Cyrus Chu, eds., Population Change in Asia: Transition, Development, and Aging (2000)Alan Auerbach, eds., Demographic Change and Fiscal Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2000)John Casterline and Karen Foote, co-editor of United States Fertility: New Patterns, New Theories, special supplement to volume 22 (December, 1996). An earlier draft appeared in 2013 as NBER Working Paper w19137. (2013) “On the Evolution of Intergenerational Division of Labor, Menopause and Transfers Among Adults and Offspring.” . Discussion Paper Series 2012-E-11 of the Bank of Japan. Lee, Ronald (2012) “Intergenerational transfers, the biological life cycle and human society.” 38: 23–35. Committee on the Long-Run Macro-Economic Effects of the Aging U. Population of the National Academy of Sciences, Phase II. special issue of The Journal of the Economics of Ageing: Ronald Lee and Yi Zhou (2016) “Does Fertility or Mortality Drive Contemporary Population Aging? Courtney Coile, Dana Goldman, Ronald Lee, Peter Orszag, and Bryan Tysinger (2016) “How the Growing Gap in Life Expectancy May Affect Retirement Benefits and Reforms”, submitted. Lee, Ronald (2015) “Population aging and the changing economic life cycle: a global perspective.” In Cornelius Torp (ed.) 104(5): 234-39 DOI: 10.1257/aer.104.5.234. Li, Nan, Ronald Lee, and Patrick Gerland (2013) “Extending the Lee-Carter Method to Model the Rotation of Age Patterns of Mortality Decline for Long-Term Projection. Committee on the Long-Run Macro-Economic Effects of the Aging U. Population of the National Academy of Sciences, Phase I. Ronald Lee (2015) “Becker and the Demographic Transition” (a symposium sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City at Jackson Hole Wyoming) published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, pp.261-283. Concepció Patxot, Ronald Lee, Andrew Mason (2015) “Introduction” for Special Issue on anniversary of the founding of the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure.


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