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We worked more on a compare/contrast essay and strategies for self-editing, free-writing practice, reading practice, and general study skills. " "Today, the student and I worked through a Social Science practice test that I created for him covering topics that he felt that he needed to work on." "For this session, we focused on Math and English. He has done well so far in practice tests and continues to improve. Once he completed the test, we went through the flash cards again for Social Science." "The student did very well on the practice test, answering 34 out of 39 right.

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While the CAHSEE's English section provides passages that can give helpful contextual clues, math questions are presented without much additional information.

You must possess a raw understanding of mathematical principles and be able to demonstrate the application of these principles at will.

The California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) is designed to ensure that students graduating from high school can demonstrate grade-level competency in the state content standards for reading, writing, and mathematics. You can click on any of the strands at the left or below to review test-taking strategies and take interactive practice quizzes, or you can download an entire Practice Exam to see a sample of what the actual test is like.

The practice exam has about 1/2 the number of questions as the real CAHSEE.

" "We discussed structural verbal questions in great detail and strategies for effectively dealing with complex readings.

We also reviewed vocab and complex word deconstruction strategies and understanding author perspective in long readings." "In this session we examined the essay-writing criteria in detail and discussed a practice assignment schedule that works for both of us.While the purpose of the exam may be to establish that a student can readily apply the academic knowledge that he or she has garnered over the course of several years of education, the thought that your entire graduation status rests in the balance of a single day of testing can freeze any student in his or her tracks.You may find that the math section is the most difficult, as is the case with many students taking the CAHSEE.Working with a private instructor can give you the skills to identify certain types of problems without the need for these directives.CAHSEE Mathematics tutoring can equip you with strategies and techniques for approaching the types of questions you will most likely see on test day.We did work with root words and editing for English and word problems for Math. For Sunday, she'll complete another practice exam. This is exceptional news, as he has always done much better on the writing part.The student is scoring very well with root words, and getting better with the error location for editing. His reasoning continues to be strong, and the same goes for his spelling skills.In addition, he is very good at answering questions from a poem.He gets about 90% of the questions right, which is much higher than all of my other tutoring students.You must demonstrate a fundamental understanding of number theory; basic statistics and probability; functions; geometry; and linear relationships.Additionally, the CAHSEE tests your logical analysis and reasoning skills through questions that represent conceptual scenarios.


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