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Such duties and authority shall include, without limitation, those set forth below.1.2 Renting Of The Property MANAGER shall establish policies and procedures for the marketing activities for the Property, and shall advertise the Property through such media as MANAGER deems advisable, including, without limitation, advertising with the Yellow Pages. We are a full-service property management company, providing rental property supervision and management, from rent collection, tenant relations, evictions and mortgage and bill payments to disaster protection and property maintenance, etc. Our Mission: Maximizing Client income by applying exceptional Real Estate Property Management skills, while ensuring Tenant satisfaction by adopting first rate property maintenance!

We have a stringent selection process for all suppliers and service providers in place.

We have an automated Collections and Disbursement system that takes care of the revenue flow of the property; all entries are also checked by our auditor monthly.

MANAGER shall, on behalf of OWNER, negotiate and contract for and supervise the installation of all capital improvements related to the Property; provided, however, that MANAGER agrees to secure the prior written approval of OWNER on all such expenditures, except monthly or recurring operating charges and/or emergency repairs if in the opinion of MANAGER such emergency-related expenditures are necessary to protect the Property from damage.

1.4 Personnel MANAGER shall select all vendors, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and employees with respect to the Property and shall hire, discharge and supervise all labor and employees required for the operation and maintenance of the Property.

We have also engaged the services of an external auditor that inspects our books quarterly.

Everything is documented intimately in user friendly forms and documents that are open for inspection by property owners and their representatives.We employ professional maintenance people to care for all properties under our management.Our dedicated staffs are knowledgeable on all aspects of real estate property maintenance and supervision.Company] hereinafter referred to as the “MANAGER.” PARTICULARS WHEREAS The OWNER is the duly registered and lawful owner of the Real Estate Property for lease hereunder described as follows: Title Number: [TITLE NUMBER] Lot Area: [LOT AREA] Building(s): [BUILDING] Floor Area: [FLOOR AREA] Location: [LOCATION] WHEREAS the MANAGER is a duly and registered licensed Property Management company; WHEREAS the MANAGER agrees to manage the above mentioned property for the OWNER; NOW THEREFORE both parties bind themselves and agree as follows: 1.DUTIES AND AUTHORITY OF THE MANAGER 1.1 General Duties and Authority MANAGER shall have the sole and exclusive duty and authority to fully manage the Property and supervise and direct the business and affairs associated or related to the daily operation thereof, to collect on behalf of OWNER all revenues related to the Property, to pay on behalf of OWNER all expenses of the Property (including payment of all debt service to the mortgage lender with respect to the Property if any) and to execute on behalf of OWNER such documents and instruments as, in the sole judgment of MANAGER, are reasonably necessary or advisable under the circumstances in order to fulfill MANAGER’s duties hereunder.MANAGER shall be responsible for all legal and insurance requirements relating to its employees.1.5 Service Agreements MANAGER shall negotiate and execute on behalf of OWNER such agreements which MANAGER deems necessary or advisable for the furnishing of utilities, services, concessions and supplies, for the maintenance, repair and operation of the Property and such other agreements which may benefit the Property or be incidental to the matters for which MANAGER is responsible hereunder.1.3 Repair, Maintenance and Improvements MANAGER shall make, execute, supervise and have control over the making and executing of all decisions concerning the acquisition of furniture, fixtures and supplies for the Property, and may purchase, lease or otherwise acquire the same on behalf of OWNER.MANAGER shall make and execute, or supervise and have control over the making and executing of all decisions concerning the maintenance, repair, and landscaping of the Property.Below you will find a list of our clients for your reference. We take great care throughout the tenant qualification and selection process.Our streamlined operations system eliminates unnecessary costs and wastage.


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