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View her videos, which Sarah so graciously recorded for us.They shed "light" into how we can introduce and train students for coding careers in Illinois!This lesson plan tackles major personal finance issues in young people's futures: career choice, home buying, and budgeting.

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Students comment online about their peer's business pitch and act as venture capitalist themselves looking at the details of each business. Hames' classroom - "Biz Kids" as we refer to you as - are going to be immersed in business training that will stretch your imagination and creativity as you enter the world of Entrepreneurship.

Students then get a chance to meet actual business owners in Crews' own version of Shark Tank where business executives give their advice and recommendations to the students. You will be asked to create an actual company from your talent, interests, and passion. First we learn what are some of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and then we see if you already possess these qualities by taking a short quiz.

Find innovative curriculum and personal finance resources for free at this website! Many ideas for projects that could be used with Breakout EDU activities to innovate your curriculum.

Our original lesson plans are developed by Thirteen Ed Online Master Teachers.

This lesson plan will teach high school students the basics of credit risk.

As an extension activity, students can do research into what kind of business they might like to have one day, and how to position it to be creditworthy.Your role as a stock portfolio manager will demonstrate the amazing benefits of compound interest and the "Rule of 72" as it relates to investing.Along the way you will also create your own My Statement of Work as a Teacher: Every child has a talent and gift and it is my responsibility as their teacher to help them discover what that gift and talent is and then give them a platform to demonstrate that gift and talent so that they can find their passions and then put them into action that will help lead to their purpose and find joy in their work that will add great value to others no matter what that area might be.Other Keyboarding Resources: Texas CTE – Keyboarding Scope and Sequence -- https:// Global Free Resources – Many CTE and Teaching Resources -- GCFLearn; Teachers have been requesting information regarding employability standards and curriculum related to those employability skills.Below are a few resources that might be helpful to those of you looking for this kind of information.Starting with tried-and-true lessons that work in the classroom, our Web-savvy teachers have built Web-based activities that use the rich resources of Thirteen/WNET New York and the Internet.Each month, we will create new lessons based upon outstanding PBS series and around outstanding Web resources.Send me your feedback at Find Innovative Projects to Teach Your Content from Online Resources Join these groups for resources, ideas, and curriculum support: Business Educators, Breakout EDU, Fin Lit Fanatics! Join the Illinois Business Education Association (IBEA) and be a part of the Illinois business teacher List Serve for curriculum support, conversation, and ideas.Next-Generation Personal Finance -- org: Check out these resources from Next Generation Personal Finance to supplement your curriculum for Personal Finance, Introduction to Business, Consumer Education and more!In this lesson, students will learn personal financial management strategies based on budgeting.Students will learn the theoretical concepts involved with budgeting and financial management, including income, expenses, savings, and debt.


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