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This is accomplished by: The mission and priorities of the University are protection of life, stabilizaton of the event, protection of the University environment, protection of University property, and restoration of critical services, including education and research programs. In order to accomplish their mission, each department must ensure operations can be performed with minimal disruptions during an emergency incident.

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Each division and/or department responsible for performing one or more critical functions will develop a departmental business continuity plan and establish a structure to administer, update, and implement the plan.

The intent is to minimize the amount of disruption any future emergency may cause to the department’s critical functions.

The success of your department and the support you provide to the University rely on these functions.

Stopping them for an extended period of time would cause an unacceptable disruption to your operations and possibly other departments or units as well.

The Department of Emergency Management works with other University departments to ensure that the right people are notified at the right time in times of emergencies, disasters, and crises.

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The internal crisis communication plan should provide procedures for the coordination of communications within the department and among other University partners, while the external crisis communications plan should provide procedures for the coordination of communications with media and other outside organizations (including vendors) in the event of an emergency or other critical event Internal Communication Plan Describe how your department’s faculty, staff, student workers, and other workers will communicate with one another in the event of a disaster.Your essential operations will serve as your guide for how to restart your operations following a disaster or major disruption.They help answer the question “What is the minimum level of service or activity my department must offer to still be in business?Currently funded by Schools Forum for the 2019/2020 financial year as part of the Risk Management Project.Due to this, there are currently no additional charges for this service for individual schools in Newcastle-upon-Tyne as the Schools Forum allocation fully covers staffing and resources in the Business Continuity Team to deliver this comprehensive service.The safety and security of students, faculty, staff and the entire Pace Community is a top priority of the University’s leadership, and is an integral part of our commitment to excellence.Recognizing the increased risks of the world today, Pace University has enhanced its preparedness to respond to emergencies of all hazards by upgrading and integrating the various emergency response and disaster recovery plans that have been in place for the University’s critical operations, and by developing a comprehensive pre- through post-emergency response plan covering all campuses and operations of the University.Having a sound Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program in place is essential to ensure that in the event of a material business disruption, critical functions are maintained or restored in a timely fashion.The Compli Space BCM program has been built to the Australian Business Continuity Standard 5010, and is designed to minimise the financial, legal, reputational and other consequences arising from a disruption should it occur.Please remember that all contact with the media will be coordinated by the University’s Marketing & Communications office.Back To Top Critical operations of each department can be severely impacted during emergency incidences.


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