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“Colleges, universities certainly have freedom to decide what measures they want to use to evaluate candidates for admissions,” he said, adding about 50 percent of students who take the ACT opt for the writing assignment. The segment entailed the three of us, plus one additional college counselor, reviewing personal statements and trying to spot the “fake” essay, which proved to be a more nuanced task than I think the GMA producers had expected.

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And while they require a student to upload a response to one of the five Coalition Application essay prompts, UMD also ask students to reply to five additional, or “supplemental,” fill-in-the-blank questions as well. What inspires you and motivates you to join the University of Oregon community, and what will you contribute to campus? All things to consider as you dive into your University of Oregon application.

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A strong Common App essay can be written on virtually any topic.

We at College Coach thought it might be useful to do a “behind the scenes” account of why spotting the fake was a challenge, and why you still shouldn’t use a fake essay!

In the writing and language portion of the test, students are asked to read passages and answer multiple-choice questions about how or if the text should be revised.

“Everyone agrees that writing essays and developing extensive research projects are essential for college readiness and success,” Goldberg said.“It’s important to enable students from low-income families to take advantage of the tests already offered by their school districts and not place an undue burden on them to go in separately outside of normal school hours,” Logan Powell, Brown’s dean of admission, said in a news release.“Our goal is that for any talented student interested in Brown, the application process is not a deterrent.” Brian Clark, a university spokesman, said Brown will continue to assess students’ writing abilities based on how they fare in writing-intensive high school classes and through college application essay questions.The essay tests emerged more than a dozen years ago in hopes they would reshape college admission testing and offer a tool to measure a student’s potential.The College Board, which runs the SAT, mandated a 25-minute writing assignment in addition to the main test 13 years ago and raised the maximum total score to 2400. Before you get started, remember that while these are all short responses, they’re still essays, and all the essay rules apply: develop engaging openings and strong conclusions, and provide examples and specifics so that you are showing rather than telling.Start with the details and stories want to share, and then figure out how you can express those ideas through these essay prompts.“Standardized test performance is only one point of measurement, and we look at a wide range of factors when considering each applicant for admission,” he said.Applicants may still voluntarily submit essay scores, and the university encourages students to submit a graded paper from a humanities or social sciences class when they apply.The company overhauled the test in 2016, reverting to a top score of 1600 and scoring an optional 50-minute essay separately.Zach Goldberg, a College Board spokesman, said in an email the redesigned SAT still requires students to demonstrate writing skills.


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