Blues Music Essay

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But if you define blues broadly as the music of the downtrodden and the dispossessed then one can say that the blues music has influenced every form of music that has embraced the themes and issues that blues musicians sang about.

During the 1950’s blues music gave birth to rock and roll a musical style that took blues guitar chords and riffs and brought about a whole new form of expression that went against conservative values.

Is rap music a trend that has never been witnessed in America before?

No, rap music is a continuing line of Negro expressions including; Spirituals, Blues, and Soul, all of which were inspired in trying times in our society, even more so than that of today”(3).

These two elements can be seen as metaphors for two themes that were important to the downtrodden and dispossessed negro – the reality of being a slave, both literal and figurative, and on the other hand the longing for freedom and redemption which due to his place in society he can never have.

For the prison in-mate in the song his prison cell is a reality he can’t escape from.The songs of a negro were the diary of his life (road, train, prison, saloon, sex), often an itinerant life, as opposed to the diary of a community (plantation, church)” (1) The blues is a song of lamentation of self pity.The songs often deal with themes that deal with an individual’s pain and are often told in a tongue-in-cheek manner.But like any form of popular culture that gets assimilated in the mainstream blues music today has lost its socio-political power and is now viewed more of a musical genre and is celebrated more for its contributions to the world of music.Today most people with equate blues music with such bands as the Rolling Stones and other white musicians who were influenced by such blues legends such as Muddy Waters and BB King.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.It is a highly personalized account of what an individual is going through, and is reflective of the harsh realities of life of the American Negro faces in the deep South.Oftentimes the lyrics of blues deal with unhappy situations brought about by being jobless, poor, lonely, hungry, or being betrayed and deserted by an unfaithful lover.In practice, it did little to improve the condition of the black man: same job, same discrimination.Even for the blacks who left the Southern states, the cities of the North promised freedom, but mostly delivered a different kind of slavery”(1) This discrimination and the inability of African-Americans to escape the imposed state of things can be clearly reflected on Johnny Cash’s song albeit with a prisoner taking the place of the black man with the train representing “white” society.


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