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In one sense, man is a herd animal and has an innate instinct to belong to a group for security and well-being.

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Thomas’s older brother Charlie who is Autistic and has ADD and announces their arrival to the neighbours by banging a wooden spoon and wailing on the front lawn.

Thomas is a sixteen; and moving into a new house, and school.

Discuss the critical uptake of the film (both at the time of release and subsequently) The premier was recently and received good reviews from some of Australia’s top critics such as Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton.” (Curtin University of technology, Curtin news.

The cast played their roles perfectly and the situations played were so unpredictable and funny it is an excellent portrayal of ordinary human beings.

It has been said that the film is brilliant and that it was a great depiction of the Australianess in the film- I must say that I agree.

2008) Curtin’s Head of Communication and Cultural Studies, Dr Ron Blaber, said Elissa was an outstanding example of the accomplishments that Curtin students can attain. 2008) There have been many comments by the public that it hit so close to home especially with families who deal with autistic children.

s, is caught between two diverse cultures, struggling to belong as a ? my father this unusually gifted man was set to work with a pick and shovel.? Gaita employs assonance and symbol to describe her torment, ? Conclusion Thomas struggles to accept him, vacillating between love, understanding, embarrassment and resentment.

s memoir reveals how Romulus, a reluctant eastern European immigrant to Australia in the 1950? His sense of alienation is partly due to experiences of discrimination in Australia, ? chose not to utilise the many skills of the foreign workers... History repeats itself when Gaita also suffers a dysfunctional childhood and both father and son are denied a sense of family, due to the instability of their wife and mother, Christine, caused by her depression, infidelities and neglect.

Simon and Maggie are openly intimate, and now Maggie is going to have another baby.

Thomas’s cricket-obsessed father, Simon, talks to his teddy.


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