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You can think of the CPA as the gold standard since everyone knows what it is and it earns great respect.This is due to the designations unique capabilities.

This includes a bachelor’s degree with proper amounts of educational credits in specific subjects.

You will also need to meet the two years of work experience requirement in order to be certified.

Although this certification is not great for public accounting, it is ideal for management.

It doesn’t train or certify you to perform audit procedures, write reports, or do any type of tax work. For example, if you wanted to become an executive level officer in a Fortune 500 company, the CMA certification would be the one for you to get.

Enrolled agents do have several responsibilities that CPAs can do as well, such as signing tax returns as paid preparers and representing clients in front of the IRS.

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This makes the EA designation somewhat useful in public accounting, but most states have additional laws for public firms that restrict ownership and authority to CPAs.On order to gain this certification, you must complete the three sections of the CIA exam totaling 6.5 hours of testing.If you are looking for a career in auditing, the CIA certification is for you.In Europe and China this designation is much more popular.It helps train people to think analytically about finance, investing, and how businesses operate. To become a CFA, you must pass the CFA exam that is administered by the CFA Institute.To become an EA, you will have to take the enrolled agent exam administered by the IRS.The exam consists of three parts and is 12 hours long.Specializing in company accounting management, the CMA designations is a unique title that does not really overlap with the CPA.CMA candidates are great for internal management and executive level roles in companies, like COO or CFO.Each of the accounting designations are slightly different and have various career focuses.Some of these might be the right fit for you while others won’t, depending on what you want want for your career.


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