Being Caring Essay

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In my paper my central question was “Is it healthy to have a private self or public self?

Famous people don’t really have it easy either, most of them are lost and trapped in a mind that is there but don’t really know how to separate their famous stage self to their personal home self.

Finding who you are and your identity can come with many challenges in life but it starts with being comfortable in your own skin.

They taught us to watch, to observe, to learn this particular child; to have patience, not to see too much and fall into useless anxiety, not to see too little and miss the signs of trouble.

Close watching actually changed our experience of time.

Of course I cared and thought about how would I be able to fit in without being judged but after a while you forget and just start not to care.

Being talked about isn’t the best feeling in the world, some people (like me) start to become self conscious, insecure and doubtful.

Physical therapists, psychologists, licensed practical nurses, and the state and public–private agencies that supplied and paid them.

They cared for our child, but more than that, they taught how to, and the teaching was as much mental and emotional—call it spiritual—as it was practical.

At least once in a lifetime there was a moment where you may have felt uncomfortable with your environment and felt like you couldn’t be yourself.

Struggling with these internal conflicts can really mess one’s confidence up and it can make one feel down.


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