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Similar to a painting by an artist, how we respond to a beautiful woman, nature, and the world that we encounter reveals the spectator and not life.” ― “Life surrounds us. Even following the most bitterly cold winter, new life waits feverishly to erupt.The flower head sown in the prior season quickens to bloom in the eternal spring of wilderness gardens. Life is the active resistance to disintegration and death.Millions of years in the bygone ages it had lain serene under a half moon; it would bask silent under a rayless sun, in the onward edge of time. The eye that saw only the strife, the war, the decay, the ruin, or only the glory and the tragedy, saw not all the truth.

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Other poems—most poems, I would say—are as good as Eveready batteries.

They function well enough to keep your flashlight working.

We must faithfully tap our potential for goodness, unapologetically rip ourselves apart if need be, bravely go where we fear, and boldly tread where we must go in order to carry out the sacred blueprint for leading a meaningful life that is imbued in the deepest alcove of our unbidden souls.” ― tags: beauty-of-nature, enlightenment, enlightenment-principles, grace, journey-of-life, meaningful-life, meaninglessness, philosophy-of-life, purpose-driven-life, purpose-quotes, purposeful-life, purposeful-living, self-realization, self-realization-quotes, transcendence, transformation “He meant the Grand Canyon was only a mood of nature, a bold promise, a beautiful record. Our irrationality, the hot paroxysms of the inner life, melts away our concrete protective boarders, enabling us to encounter the beauty of nature, and its molten force supplies the poetic imaginings that fuses life with delightful fragrance.” ― “I will never be a winner in life because I am fated to lose everything that makes life complete including beauty, love, creativity, and adoration of nature.

He meant that mountains had sifted away in its dust, yet the canyon was young. This cataclysm of the earth, this playground of a river was not inscrutable; it was only inevitable—as inevitable as nature herself. Bliss – inner peace – comes from acceptance of fate.” ― “If men would understand and appreciate the good efforts that went into creation and how beautiful, good and awesome the creations were at the beginning, they would never think of undermining the Creators effort and integrity by destroying the beauty of nature! ” ― “We renew our hearts and minds by exhibiting veneration for all living creatures and by unveiling a spirit of reverence and awe.

Is “great” a category now so problematical that we dare not risk using the word?

Still, I am loyal to the idea of greatness-the idea that there are ten poems I could take into a prison cell for ten years, or keep with me on a desert island, which would indefinitely nourish and amuse and inspire me.Why, she asked, are contemporary critics so unable or reluctant to proclaim them?In large part, it was the critics of her era with whom she found fault, who—unlike Mathew Arnold or S. Coleridge—were apparently not courageous or brash enough to recognize and proclaim great works.But when you take a closer look, nature is really just a giant fuckfest. It was a privilege to exist in this wrinkle of time with many people devoted to burnishing the sharpen edges of life.The heavens blessed me with many years to discover why it is beautiful to live and die in a world where the hills and wind, the rivers and seas, stars and moon, and revealing sunlight shall persevere.” ― tags: beautiful-life, beauty-of-life, beauty-of-nature, beauty-of-the-world, death, death-and-dying, essay-writing, essayist, memories, memories-quotes, memory, writers, writers-on-writing, writers-quotes, writing, writing-philosophy “Love, reverence, and adoration, are multifaceted emotions.They had inherited a faith in the monumentality of culture, the vision that even if the world fell into nuclear ruin, great paintings and music and poetry, too, would still stand like marble statues in the desert, a testament to the ingenuity and beauty of the human mind.And, somehow or other, they were endowed with the vanity or ambition to believe that their own poetry might stand in that elect rank.Each day we must give full measure to our internal life force.With all our energy and intuition, we must determinedly seek out what is the best part of us. ” ― “Jem gazed up into the proper deep blue he knew well from Dorsetshire, coupled with the vivid green of the roadside grass and shrubs, and found himself smiling at these colors that were so natural and yet shouted louder than any London ribbon or dress.” ― “A sophisticated person is a combination of analytical reasoning and the secret laws of nature.I grew up as a member of probably the last generation who heard other poets or scholars say things like, “His poems shall be remembered as long as the English language is spoken.” Then everyone in the audience would solemnly nod in agreement with what seems (now) like a preposterous grandiosity.The last generation of poets who thought that way about themselves, in America, at least, was that of Robert Lowell, and Delmore Schwartz, and John Berryman.


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