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Supporting point: Her mother's dedication to the community. Evidence: Her multiple volunteer activities such as helping at the local soup kitchen. Transition sentence: "Everything that my mother has ever done has been overshadowed by the thought behind it."II.Reiteration of main points: "She has enriched my life with her passion for learning, and changed it with her devotion to humanity."III.Taking it one step further: "Next year, I will find a new home miles away.

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Having finally perfected the "floating paintbrush" trick, I began work as a full time volunteer with the five and six year old children last June.

It is here that I met Jane Doe, an exceptionally strong girl with a vigor that is contagious.

Despite the fact that we were traveling with fourteen-month-old twins, we managed to be at each ruin when the site opened at sunrise.

I vividly remember standing in an empty amphitheatre pretending to be an ancient tragedian, picking out my favorite sculpture in the Acropolis museum, and inserting our family into modified tales of the battle at Troy.

At the end of the summer, I decided to continue my work at (name deleted) as Jane's tutor.

Although the position is often difficult, the personal rewards are beyond articulation.While the raw experiences I have had at home and abroad have been spectacular, I have learned to truly value them by watching my mother.She has enriched my life with her passion for learning, and changed it with her devotion to humanity. Eight years and half a dozen passport stamps later I have come to value what I have learned on these journeys about global history, politics and culture, as well as my family and myself.While I treasure the various worlds my mother has opened to me abroad, my life has been equally transformed by what she has shown me just two miles from my house.In her endless love of everything and everyone she is touched by, I have seen a hope and life that is truly exceptional. Writing an autobiography requires fact recollection and organization if you want a quality book in the end.Writing an autobiography template isn’t an easy undertaking.When written, there will be as many life stories as there are people.In the seven years since I first walked through the doors of (name deleted), I have learned not only the idea of giving to others, but also of deriving from them a sense of spirit.Everything that my mother has ever done has been overshadowed by the thought behind it.


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