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This holds true for any type of web sites, whether it’s a personal web sites, a small business set up, a hobbyist’s page or e- commerce or anything else. Archive Site: Used to preserve valuable electronic content threatened with extinction.

A web site without purpose just takes space and please no one but its own author. Two examples are – Internet Archive which since 1996 has preserved billions of old ( and new ) web pages and Google Groups which in early 2005 was archiving over 845,000,000 messages posted to Usenet news / discussion groups.

You just have to look back over the past five year or six and think of different things were before that. Content Is The King: No matter how great a site looks, no amount of design ever makes up for poor content. That’s why we have so many sites around us that offer the visitor the same old thing – a bit of this a bit of that. That’s why as experts recommend we started with strategy and purpose first – no with design.

First off you must quite clear of the purpose of your site.

Up until now, you have only used the HTTP GET method to obtain data from the API.

For this task, first look up the exact semantics of a few other methods that are specified in the HTTP protocol: POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, and OPTIONS.

The pages of websites can usually be accessed from a common root URL called the homepage, and usually reside on the same physical server.

The URLs of the pages organize them into a hierarchy, although the hyperlinks between them control how the reader perceives the overall structure and how the traffic flows between the different parts of the sites.

To obtain a representation of the header of your raw HTTP request to ask the server for a representation of the resource in the JSON format by specifying the appropriate media type.

If successful, the Web server will now return a JSON file that contains all forum posts. HTTP requests are usually not implemented by hand, but rather using one of many different libraries that take care of the intricacies of the HTTP protocol and connection management.


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