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Alexander Hamilton argued that government was an expression of freedom, not its enemy.Thus it was decided that a new Constitution was needed to avoid either anarchy or monarchy. What were the major arguments put forth by the Anti-Federalists?There was a great power struggle between the federal and state governments, as well as, large states and small states.

Alexander Hamilton argued that government was an expression of freedom, not its enemy.

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They embody ideas and principals that are still widely accepted and availed. Like Crèvecoeur, many white Americans excluded blacks from their conception of the American people.

Crèvecoeur’s idea that the United States was a nation of individuals that are melted into one is accurate to a certain extent.

Some Anti-Federalists denounced the documents protection for slavery; other’s warned that the power of Congress could one day lead to the abolishment of slavery.

Some opponents of the Constitution believed that the government would fall under the control of the elite (businessmen) and would simply forget about the ordinary people.

Nation builders like James Madison and Alexander Hamilton called for increased national authority.

The concerns voiced by critics of the Articles found a sympathetic hearing among men who had developed a national consciousness during the Revolution.Hamilton and Madison believed that the Constitution protected the personal liberties of the people.Hamilton insisted that the Constitution would make political tyranny almost impossible.Madison believed that a stronger national government would better regulate interstate and international commerce.Madison also cited the Shays Rebellion as a need for a new Constitution.These same individuals believed that leaders must interact with those they governor on a daily basis.Anti-Federalist also pointed out the Constitution’s lack of Bill of Rights, such as the freedom of speech and press.Anti-Federalists opposed the ratification of the Constitution.They argued that the republic had to be small and warned that the Constitution would result in a government of oppression.These famers were in desperate need of assistance to pay off their debts; however, Governor James Bowdoin had no compassion and dispatched an army.Events such as, the Shay’s Rebellion convinced American’s that the national government must be strengthened.


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