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Creativity is shaping the world’s economy impacting, influencing and adding to Global society and culture.

Every day we see, feel, taste, listen, watch, consume or are inspired by Creativity — it’s all around us.

After working for four years as a bond trader for D. Shaw & Co., Rusczyk created the Art of Problem Solving website, which provides resources for middle and high school students to develop their mathematics and problem solving abilities.

These include real-time competitions to solve math problems and on-line tools to learn how to solve problems with increasing difficulty as well as math forums.

Most importantly, our students become part of a community of motivated learners that helps elevate them to new heights.

My younger son is a very active learner and had been completely turned off math by the 'memorize and repeat' work he did before coming to Ao PS Academy. Now he's Ever since our self-paced Prealgebra 1 course opened in June, we’ve received more than a few questions about when self-paced Prealgebra 2 would be available.

The arts and creativity have and continue to make immense psychological contributions to society — Enhancing well being through enjoyment, immersion, development of skill, revelation and expression of emotion, shaping of self, connections with people and a culture, with potential for transcendental experiences.

Portraiture narratives of people from separate, warring lands, posted in huge formats, in unavoidable places, face to face, on the sides of each country is art and creativity working as a solutions medium to spark change for the two countries of Israel and Palestine to live peacefully within safe and internationally recognized borders.

), born 21 September 1971, is the founder of Art of Problem Solving (Ao PS) Inc.

(as well as the website, which serves as a mathematics forum and place to hold online classes) and a co-author of the Art of Problem Solving textbooks.


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